When Christ is in us we begin to reflect His likeness more and more.  He increases, we decrease and we begin to produce the fruit of the Spirit.  We must first be clean and we then must live in Him so He can live out His life in us.  It takes a constant drinking from the fountain of living water until that fountain becomes in us a river that flows out of us.  Its the power of His Holy Spirit in us.  Christ is all and in all.  (John 7:37-39; Exodus 17:1-7; Psalm 1; Ezekiel 47)


當基督在我們裡面,我們就越來越多的反映出祂的形像. 當祂越增加而我們越減少時,我們也就開始結出聖靈的果子. 我們必須先是潔淨的,並且住在祂裡面,使祂的生命可以從我們裡面活出來. 我們必須不斷的飲於那活水的泉源, 直到那泉源在我們裡面成為江河並且從我們湧流出來. 那就是住在我們裏面的聖靈的能力. 基督是一切,又在一切之內.


經文:約7:37-39; 17:1-7; 1; 47